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September's Idea Share with guest Bijoy Goswami

Sept. Idea Share

Every month the DBA hosts an Idea Share that invites members and non-members alike to bring new ideas, thoughts on collaboration, and news from Downtown to the table.

In every meeting, we aim to come up with at least 5 efforts we'd love to see in our city. From these meetings, we've seen some of great ideas take off, like our #CashMobMGM events, U-Go Montgomery lunch line, Park(ing) Day, etc.

It was our huge pleasure to welcome Bijoy Goswami, founder of the Bootstrap Network and author of The Human Fabric, out of Austin, TX. Bijoy gave us some amazing encouragement and inspiration through discussion on bootstrapping and working through constraints, meaning and mapping, identity in everything we see, and collaboration in our work for our city. Thank you Bijoy for spending so much time with our Montgomery and sharing so much!

Check out Bijoy here:

This month's Ideas:

Bike Club Downtown

Montgomery is in serious need of a more socially focused bike club. What better way to promote a more bike friendly city than to gather experienced and casual bikers alike together to use our streets, eat at our restaurants, and play in our city all in the name of a biking community?

Community Mapping

A part of a wider discussion outside of the Idea Share, Community Mapping will be key to seeing our city and all it has to offer become more organized, more accessible, and thrive!

Stamp's Permanent/Pop-up Ping Pong

Already somewhat in the works, Stamp wants to move forward with an awesome idea to have more recreation in our Downtown with either a permanent or an ongoing pop-up ping pong tables. CAN'T WAIT!

Free Wifi Downtown

Who doesn't need/want free wifi? Would be killer to see this Downtown!

City Street Slip and Slide

Enough. Said.

Soap Box Derby

Originally an idea from Helicity in relation to the Montgomery Street Fair, we would love to see this idea actually happen! Soap box design contests, a race, street food vendors, music, all on Dexter Avenue?! Yes.

If any of these ideas spark for you and you'd like to be more involved or head up an effort, email and we will set you up with the right people or help you get started! We need you to make the good stuff happen here, so don't be shy!

Keep dreaming and join us for the next Idea Share, October 28th!

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